For my FR Peeps

So last night I was inspired and decided to make some Ridgeback pixels! I made them so they fit right into a signature. I had fun with this so there will most likely be more breeds coming!
Edit [8/6/2014]: New spiral pixels available!

Here are some examples:

Male Ridgeback:

Female Ridgeback:


The base price is 20kt/50g
Genes- not including Underbelly are +10kt/25g each
Apparel are +10k-30kt/25-75g each
You might be able to bribe me into doing accents or skins

If you want one, PM me on FR with this form!

Dragon Link/Image:
Options: (with/without apparel, etc.)
Payment Method:

Once we come to a price agreement, pay me and I’ll get started on your adoptable!